Prattville Junior High School Majorettes

These are the meeting times for Monday, May 11.

Arrive at the gym to get screened to enter, maintaining social distancing. You may also plan to return your textbooks and library books or get your yearbook at this time.

Please wear masks because I will be getting close to measure for uniforms. As well, please wear clothing conducive to accurate measurements. Also, please remember to bring your parent forms that were in your original tryout packet, as well as your first 300.

Thank you! I can't wait to meet you ladies!

Hyerin Park @ 9 
Bokyeong Kim @ 9:15
Elyse Parris @ 9:30
Kate Bibb @ 9:45
Jazlyn Huston @ 10:00
Teddi Reeves @ 10:15
Sophie Dean @ 10:30
Katherine Frederick @ 10:45
Mya Frederick @ 11
Brianna Floyd @ 11:15
Sara Taylor @ 11:30
Audrey Kate King @ 11:45
Annabelle Anderson @ 12

Displaying Majorette Parent Meeting Announcement

2018-2019 Majorettes with Coach Handl and Coach Lucas
Jessica Lucas

Jessica Lucas
Majorettes Sponsor

Phone: 334-365-6697

June Young

June Young
Majorettes Sponsor

Phone: 334-365-6697